Nine awards up for grabs this year at BOOM 2013!

With just two days to go until BOOM 2013, the final slate of awards up for grabs has been announced. In addition to the two legacy awards: Where’s the BOOM? and People’s Choice, projects will be vying for five additional cash prizes and two other awards offering prizes of unique and highly coveted sponsor swag.

The recipient of Where’s the BOOM? is selected annually by a committee of faculty. People’s Choice is selected by popular vote. For the second year in a row, all BOOM attendees will be invited to vote for their favorite project electronically. Computers will be available for People’s Choice voting by the BOOM Registration Table. Where’s the BOOM? and People’s Choice will be awarded at the BOOM awards ceremony beginning at 5:45 pm. All other awards — which are selected by our company partners — will be presented to winning teams directly between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. and the winning teams will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Here’s the full list of BOOM 2013 awards:

Facebook Hacker Award (non-cash surprise swag)
Googleyist Project (non-cash surprise swag)
Morgan Stanley Innovation Award ($250 cash prize)
eBay Innovator’s Award ($500 cash prize)
GE: Imagination at Work Award: ($500 cash prize)
Goldman Sachs Award ($500 cash prize)
Yahoo! Student Research Award ($500 cash prize)
Where’s the BOOM? ($500 cash prize)
People’s Choice Award ($500 cash prize)

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