BOOM 2015 Logo Contest Now Open

The prize is an Apple Mini iPad!


SWAG-T-shrits, Invitations, Programs, Posters!

On Our Website!

Deadline, December 1st!

Only Cornell students are eligible to enter.

For all logos, these are the guidelines:

The design must contain the words “BOOM 2014” and “Bits On Our Minds.” These can be lower- or upper-case. Do not use any additional text.


  1. Your logo(s) cannot closely resemble any existing logo.
  2.  Images that use brains, bombs, or light bulbs will NOT be considered.
  3. BOOM will retain all rights to the winning logo.
  4. No logos that infringe on copyright will be considered—this includes parody images.

Multiple submissions are encouraged!!!


How to Submit Your Logo?  Submit to

Submit your logo(s) in the following format:

  • Two prints on 8.5×11” paper, with your Name and NetID on the back. Each print should include the high-res and simplified logo, if applicable.
  • If you’re submitting more than one logo, assign each one a number, e.g. “cms242#1, cms242#2”.
  • The winner will be required to provide original working files, with all text converted to shapes. If your logo is a high-res image, you must also make a simplified vector version in 3 colors or less.
  • If your logo is a vector image in three colors or less to begin with, there’s no need to submit other versions.

If you have any questions, email

We look forward to seeing your work!

2 Responses to BOOM 2015 Logo Contest Now Open

  1. Is this open to Cornell students only?



    Yes only Cornell students are allowed to submit.

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