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2015 BOOM Award Winners Announced!

2015 BOOM Award Winners

People’s Choice: CUAir

Where’s the BOOM: Embedding Students and Educational Content from Online Courses

Capital One Award: Automated Perforator Flap MRA Reporting

Intel Award: Cornell Mars Rover

GE: IT Imagination at Work Award: Rapid Circuit Prototyping

Bloomberg Award: GIX

Google Moonshot Award: Rapid Circuit Prototyping

Goldman Sachs Award: GIX

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Project Submission Extension to March 15th.

BOOM has extended the deadline for Project Submission to March 15th, at 11:59pm. We want to see your projects! Win cool prizes!

Save the Date!

BOOM Bits on Our Minds 2015 will be held March 25 from 4:00-6:00 pm in the Duffield Hall Atrium. Free and open to the public!

BOOM 2015 Project Submission is Open!

BOOM 2015 Project Submission is Open! Deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 10th.  Submission is under the Students and Faculty Tab. We can’t wait to see your project!

Congratulations to the BOOM 2014 Award Winners!

Five original and very cool student projects took home six awards during today’s 17th Annual BOOM showcase.

People’s Choice Award – CUAUV

Where’s the BOOM? – B33P

GE Imagination at Work Award – Pulso (Assistive Navigation Device for Visually Impaired Individuals)

eBay Innovator’s Award – Speare (Engagement Through Understanding)

Goldman Sachs Award – Pulso (Assistive Navigation Device for Visually Impaired Individuals)

Googleyist Project Award – Definitions Extractions from Code of Federal Regulations

Read more about these great projects here.

Congratulations to the winners and to all of our project teams!

And the BOOM 2013 Winners Are…

Eight different fantastic BOOM 2013 projects won nine awards at today’s BOOM 2013. This year’s winners are:

People’s ChoiceCUAir

Where’s the BOOM?Splat

eBay Innovator’s AwardStuffSwap

Facebook Hacker AwardFrancois BarBot: Mechanical Bartender

GE: Imagination at Work AwardBringing the Outside Back in with SUNN: Dynamic, Energy Efficient Lights with Health Benefits

Goldman Sachs AwardPublic Spheres: Ideas Taking Shape

Googleyist Project – 6 Degrees of Bacon

Morgan Stanley Innovation Award – EmoDetect: Smart Emotion Detection from Facial Expressions

Yahoo! Student Research Award – EmoDetect: Smart Emotion Detection from Facial Expressions

Congratulations to our winners and to all student teams that participated in BOOM 2013! Thanks for another amazing BOOM.

Nine awards up for grabs this year at BOOM 2013!

With just two days to go until BOOM 2013, the final slate of awards up for grabs has been announced. In addition to the two legacy awards: Where’s the BOOM? and People’s Choice, projects will be vying for five additional cash prizes and two other awards offering prizes of unique and highly coveted sponsor swag.

The recipient of Where’s the BOOM? is selected annually by a committee of faculty. People’s Choice is selected by popular vote. For the second year in a row, all BOOM attendees will be invited to vote for their favorite project electronically. Computers will be available for People’s Choice voting by the BOOM Registration Table. Where’s the BOOM? and People’s Choice will be awarded at the BOOM awards ceremony beginning at 5:45 pm. All other awards — which are selected by our company partners — will be presented to winning teams directly between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. and the winning teams will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Here’s the full list of BOOM 2013 awards:

Facebook Hacker Award (non-cash surprise swag)
Googleyist Project (non-cash surprise swag)
Morgan Stanley Innovation Award ($250 cash prize)
eBay Innovator’s Award ($500 cash prize)
GE: Imagination at Work Award: ($500 cash prize)
Goldman Sachs Award ($500 cash prize)
Yahoo! Student Research Award ($500 cash prize)
Where’s the BOOM? ($500 cash prize)
People’s Choice Award ($500 cash prize)

Project submission deadline extended – Thursday, March 28

Project submission has been extended for BOOM 2013. All projects must be submitted by 11:59pm on March 28, 2013.

Win Prizes! Show off your hard work! Impress your friends, faculty and representatives from companies like eBay, GE, Google, Yahoo!, Morgan Stanley, Facebook, and Goldman Sachs. Student technology projects from all disciplines welcome.

We look forward to seeing your work at BOOM! For more information about presenting, see the project guidelines.

From “6 Degrees of Bacon” to Indoor SUNN

With just over two weeks to go until BOOM 2013, the projects currently stated to be presented at the annual high tech event promise to be as exciting and diverse as ever. Among the projects include well-known and long-standing student teams from CUAir and CUAUV, representing their advances in autonomous air and underwater vehicle research. Other projects include mobile gaming apps, such as “6 Degrees of Bacon,” a clever play on the popular meme about the ubiquitous actor, “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which finds the shortest path on Wikipedia from any page to the page about bacon, the ubiquitous meat; and SUNN, an internet connected lightbulb that mimics outdoor light patterns in any part of the world, indoors. To learn about all of the BOOM 2013 projects, visit the List of Projects page.