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From “6 Degrees of Bacon” to Indoor SUNN

With just over two weeks to go until BOOM 2013, the projects currently stated to be presented at the annual high tech event promise to be as exciting and diverse as ever. Among the projects include well-known and long-standing student teams from CUAir and CUAUV, representing their advances in autonomous air and underwater vehicle research. Other projects include mobile gaming apps, such as “6 Degrees of Bacon,” a clever play on the popular meme about the ubiquitous actor, “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which finds the shortest path on Wikipedia from any page to the page about bacon, the ubiquitous meat; and SUNN, an internet connected lightbulb that mimics outdoor light patterns in any part of the world, indoors. To learn about all of the BOOM 2013 projects, visit the List of Projects page.

BOOM 2013 Project Submission is Open

Project submission is now open for BOOM 2013. All projects must be submitted by 11:59pm on March 18, 2013. We look forward to seeing your work at BOOM! For more information about presenting, see the project guidelines.

Ithaca Journal posts video of Air Driano

Check out the video and article in today’s (3/29) Ithaca Journal. Sandeep Gangundi, Marc Vaz and Xiyu Wang demonstrate their Air Draino that will be part of BOOM on April 4.

SudoGlove featured on CNET

Sudo Glove

CU Students develop wearable controller.

SudoGlove, a project showcased at Boom 2011, was featured on